These are some cool softwares that every student requires.

 Download WinRAR 4.00 Beta 1 (64-bit)

Click here to get WINRAR

Click here to get FLASH PLAYER 2.0

Click here to get JAVA INSTALLER

Click here to get ADOBE READER 9.0

Click here to get U-TORRENT

Click here to get VLC 1.1.4

Click here to get SKYPE 2


Click to download  DEFRAGGLER


Click to download CCLEANER


FENCES : Automatically organize icons into Fences by file type, name, etc. Sort icons in a Fence by date, type, size, name, times used, etc

Download the FENCES software here


OXELON : An software used to convert media file from one format to other foemat

Download the OXELON software here.


HJSPLIT : It is ultimate software used to split any file of more size into many number of small sized files.

Download the HJSPLIT software here.

AUTO STITCH : An software, used to connect different photos into an single image

Download AUTO STITCH software here 

DEEP FREEZE : Software that undo all the modifications made to the hard disk after it is rebooted.

Download DEEP FREEZE software here


CIRCLE DOCK : An application that is used to create shortcuts in a beautiful circle

Download CIRCLE DOCK software here

Download latest INTERNET EXPLORER 9 here for free




Wan to get the best and virus free softwares.


Click here to go to theFILEHIPPO website

Click here to go to theBROTHER SOFT website