04/11/2010 01:02

Design studios ADR (Italy), A rare concept for a sober look and the ability to offer innovation. Watches have a beautiful name iWatch. They are enclosed in an aluminum housing supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. All of these opportunities they need to communicate and, apparently, synchronize data with iPad or iPhone. The clock can display RSS-feeds and weather forecasts, Internet access either through their own Wi-Fi, or by using Bluetooth-connection. Idea equipped hours 16 gigabytes of internal memory.

  • Apple launched the nifty new iPod nano dubbed 'iWatch', arguably the smallest music player in the market which can be worn on the wrist. 

  • It is functionally similar to the iPod and iPhone and also boasts a 'multi-touch' screen, allowing more than one finger to be used on the screen at once. 

  • The tiny player measures just 1.48 inches by 1.61 inches by 0.35 inches and weighs a mere 21 grams, reports the Daily Mail. 

  • The iWatch , the latest addition to the iPod family, boasts a clock face which appears with the flick of a button but still allows users to view pictures and track your movements. 

  • Its battery life is also impressive, with 24 hours of music playback in addition to an FM radio. 

  • "It's very tiny and instantly wear able," said Apple co-founder Steve Jobs . "It even has a clock - one of our board of directors says he's going to wear it as a watch." 

  • The fourth-generation of iPod Touch has a new slimline appearance and now uses the same high-definition screen as the iPhone 4.